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The establishment of Madhuram happened in 1995 in Jamnagar- a city known as the Brass Hub of Asia. Madhuram emerged as the leading manufacturer and exporter of housing brass hardware fittings. It is the company's motto to satisfy domestic and then conquer international markets with quality products and services. The root and historical value of the local area are studded in the company's DNA. The production of things like hinges, tower bolts, fittings, glass fittings mortise handles, and bath accessories has proved the gem of the company in the brass working processes.


3D Render

Box Design

Brand Guildline

Magazine Design

Poster Design

Product Catalogue

Social Media Design

Stationery Design

Technical Video

Website Design

Project : Brand Guideline

 Branding is the most important part of any company. Proper branding is necessary for any company to gain trust and respect among customers and clients. While branding we tried to higher the trust value of the company. We made a proper logo, the typography and we also used the graphics to spread the company's reach to a bigger number of customers.

Project : Stationary Design

In the stationery design of Madhuram, we revealed the company's determination to professionalism and aesthetic excellence. In the list, we have office stationeries like envelopes, business cards, office diaries etc. 360 Branding Studio crafted these stationeries using clear and readable fonts, content with the effect of the right emotions and many more things that made our design visually appealing.

Project : Box Design

The packaging of any product is important from the point of view of its popularity and the brand name of the company. Attractive and effective packaging has been proven as the most important aspect of any product of the company. We tried to make the packaging attractive as well as memorable for the buyers with designs, graphics, and colours. 

Project : Social Media Design

City : Jamnagar

Keyword : Madhuram Social media Design

We skillfully designed captivating visuals for Madhuram Hardware's social media platforms, custom-tailored to their brand and content. These designs not only catch the audience's interest but also inspire them to enable Madhuram Hardware to effectively communicate and connect with their social media followers.

Project : Website Design & Devlopment

City : Jamnagar

Keyword : Website Design in Rajkot , Jamnagar Gujrat , India

To rebuild the brand image Madhuram decided to hire the expertise of 360 Branding Studio. With the target of increasing the online presence of the company and with a view to higher its position in the Hardware industry sector they needed a 360 makeover of their web presence. Having mastery in that 360 Branding Studio created the present website of the company full of information, high-level performance and quick search engine visibility.


Keyword : Madhuram Catalogue design by 360 Branding studio Rajkot Gujrat

The product Catalog of Madhuram is the perfect example of crafty designs from our side. To promote any hardware one needs to present their array of offerings in an orderly and visually engaging format. There is a concise presentation of all the products, adding ease for customers to the selection process and highlighting the available options.

Project : Poster Design

Keyword : best outdoor poster design agency in gujrat india

When it is necessary to put the products of Madhuram Hardware in the limelight outdoors, we made attention-grabbing visuals and engaging content. The eye-captivating designs with strong market presence, were the main requirement of the products. The outcome is enough to say why the name 360 Branding Studio is taken with respect in the field of outdoor advertising.

Project : Technical Videos

While working on the technical videos for the Madhuram Company we focused on the features of the product. At the same time, we explained the usage of the products with keen technical details. The aim was to give complex technical information in a simple way to the consumers. 

Project : Magazine Design

Keyword : Creative Magazine design company in mumbai, Best Magazine design company in mumbai, Best Magazine design agency in Gujrat

We meticulously designed this magazine to enhance brand recognition, engage customers, and promote the quality and diversity of Madhuram Hardware's offerings. Our creative team has skillfully blended captivating visuals with compelling content, creating a dynamic platform that communicates the essence of Madhuram Hardware to its audience. We're proud to be a part of this exciting journey in promoting excellence in the hardware industry.

Project : 3D Design


When Madhuram wanted to give their products a unique look they approached us for 3D designs of the products. 3D designing gave the product an ultimate appearance so that consumers could view the utility of the product.

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