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SpunWeb is a nonwoven fabric-making company with trustworthy qualities. The company has a speciality in nonwoven fabric which is made from Polypropylene. Maintaining quality is the prime goal of the company. At the same time, the company is keen to follow the norms of ISO certification.

SpunWeb has orders from both, domestic as well as international markets. Now from each step, they are expanding their presence in the global market. The reason behind their confidence is their quality maintenance among nonwoven fabric and other products.

 Here is the List of tasks completed by the 360 Branding Studio.


App Design

Banner Design

Brand Guideline

Corporate Video

Exhibition Booth Design

Invitation Card Design

Product Catalogue

Signage Design

Social Media Design

Stationery Design

Website Design


Day for Crafted : 32

Keyword : Spunweb branding in Rajkot

We meticulously crafted a new brand guideline for Spunweb aligning every element with its core values and market positioning. In this task, we suggested a logo and its usage, pattern of colours, cool typography and style with all professionalism. By applying all of these we could improve brand identity and value.


Keyword : Spunweb Catalogue design Gujrat

We skillfully designed a product catalogue for Spunweb, showcasing their range of offerings in an organized and visually appealing manner. The details of the products make the catalogue super easy for customers to clarify their choices and options.



Project : Exhibition Booth Design

Keyword : Spunweb Exibition Stall Design

We creatively designed an exhibition booth for Spunweb, making sure it stands out and captures attention. While crafting designs for the exhibition we keep that all the products will seek the attention of visitors and make them eager for the products.

Project : Social Media Design

Keyword : Spunweb Social media Design

We expertly crafted captivating designs for Spunweb's social media platforms. We kept the brand quality and company's value while arranging the content of these product visuals. Every time we focused on visitors' and customers' interests.  Spunweb used them as a great effect on their customers' connection.

Project : Corporate Video

Keyword : Spunweb Corporate Video Shoot

We conceptualized and produced a comprehensive corporate video for Spunweb that intricately weaves together their brand narrative, product excellence, and core values. In this video, the company's dedication and innovation can be seen very clearly. Through the visuals, conceptual graphics and content, Spunweb's journey towards the best is shown. The video is full of references where the target audience can feel the connection with Spunweb and its dedication to product quality.

Project : Website Design & Devlopment

Days to Design : 27

No. of involved Person : 4

Keyword : Website Design in Rajkot , Gujrat , India

Spunweb came to 360 Branding Studio in need of a fresh visual identity as well as a new web presence.


Spunweb approached us intending to establish itself as a major player in the fiercely competitive non-woven fabric manufacturing sector. Their previous website had very little information and was not optimized for performance or search engine visibility. With the help of this, they are now first among the equals in compare to their opponents

Project : Stationery Design

Keyword : Spunweb Stationery Branding Design

While making business cards, letterheads, pens, diaries, caps, handbags and more stuff for Spunweb, we focused on design and its connection value with the audience. At the same time, we have to express the morals and ethics of the company through various things like logo, choice of colours and concept. These things are the representatives of the company in the absence of any spokesperson across the market. Whether it's the stylish business cards handed out during meetings, the branded pens used daily, or the eye-catching handbags and caps, every item reinforces Spunweb's brand image and leaves a memorable impact on recipients.

Project : Invitation Card Design

Keyword : Spunweb Invitation Card design

For any particular occasion and to show the importance of the brand, at 360 Branding Studio we created invitation cards that impress easily. We attached a unique logo, attractive colours and a little touch of creativity according to the significance of the event. These cards indicate the introduction of the event and at the same time, they are to stand for the company's trust and impression.

Project : Signage Design

Keyword : Spunweb Signage Design

Signage design was another important project for us. The main requirement of the company is to show physical visibility of the company.  From exterior building signage to indoor directional signs, each element was meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with Spunweb's visual identity – featuring its logo, colours, and typography. To show the brand value of Spunweb these signs are very important it also leave a strong impression on visitors and clients.

Project : Banners Design

Keyword : Spunweb Banner Design

Banners for Spunweb are made by us very accurately. We fixed them on several spots so that they give a perfect message to the viewers and existing customers. Incorporating their logo, vibrant colours and concise yet impactful content, each banter serves as a dynamic visual representative of Spunweb. We better know that, when any company get physical space to display their brand value how to use them. Thus we proved our expertise.

Project : App Development and design

Keyword : Spunweb App design and Development

In the present digital era, the mobile application is the easiest medium to reach the target audience. The app is a medium to reach customers and feedback from customers.  Therefore we made a smooth and user-friendly application that also helped them to decide marketing plans and production. With the real-time data of the feedback and other statistics, the company regularly can change their plans. The app is very useful for the company and provides raw data for them when they plan to put a new product on the market.

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